Hot Wheels Sellers

Besides the regular mainlines you can buy in the stores, you are lucky finding the premium set(s) you want out there peg hunting…but there are more difficult Hot Wheels to find out there in the world!

Hot Wheels have some “Exclusives” , castings that only come out in certain stores, countries, through certain mail-ins or campaigns. Something more rare are than these are the convention models. Besides these we have so much rare stuff like; Toy Fairs, Employees Only castings, RLC Exclusives,… 

Or maybe you’re not lucky that you where at the beginning when Hot Wheels was founded in 1968. So you’re still searching for the older castings. 

Also not everyone over the world has the luck of finding good stuff where you’re living or maybe you don’t even know a place that’s right around the corner. Maybe there is a fellow collector or a local business who sells Hot Wheels through an online store?!

That’s what we are trying to get an overview 🙂

So we can help eachother out! 

You know a local store/site that is trustful and delivers a good service? Share it with us! 


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Let us know!

USJcar Diecast


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BelgiumMike’s Barn
FranceQuinzaland – Ebay
Quinzaland – Site
Quinzaland – Store/Site in start up

Middle East

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